christopher cross


Show Schedule

Updated  Sept 18, 2014



26 & 27-Orlando, FL-Disneyworld-


25-Dallas, TX-SkyBall Benifit-

29-Manila-PICC hall-

30-Manila-Newort Theater-


20-Sacramento, CA- Venue Crest Theater -

22-Santa Barbara,CA-The Granada Theater-


Please contact the venue for ticket information and purchases. We are not involved with ticket sales for shows.
That is all handled by the venues. Thank you.

PLEASE do not email us asking if Christopher will be performing in your area. All the information that we know is posted above. We have no other advanced information to share with you.
All we can tell you is to keep checking back here for all the latest show appearance information.

We do not list private corporate shows, since they are not open to the public.