Dear Friends,


Happy New Year!


I am enjoying some time off after playing 75 shows last year and traveling the globe.  The band and I are looking forward to 2018 and it looks like we already have a busy calendar.


The response to my new album has been so enthusiastic- thank you all for listening. Some folks say it’s their fave!


I’m working on a local band project in Austin called “Deputy Dan”, featuring some great Austin musicians and all new songs. We’ll have a horn section, percussion, and tons of fun. If you want to see us, you’ll have to come visit ATX as we’ll only play here. Deputy Dan is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s finally coming together—it will be casual and fun, kind of like the old days.


Big family news is on the horizon! I’m excited to report that my second grandson is arriving later this month!


All is well in CC land. I want to wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy year ahead.


All the best,







Take Me AS I Am - Chistopher Cross


The new album from Christopher Cross is available now at these online retailers:






"Take Me As I Am" is a unique offering from Christopher Cross, a hybrid of sorts – the songs are instrumentals with choruses to create the lyrical landscape. This is not quite a “guitar” album, but it leaves the listener with no question about his expertise on the subject. Two very special songs are “Roberta," dedicated to Christopher’s mentor, Joni Mitchell, and “Truth” with a lyric by Rob Meurer, one of the last songs Rob wrote before his tragic passing. This song is sung as a duet with Gigi Worth, a name that will be familiar to Christopher’s fans. Gigi and Rob were also very close, which makes her performance on this track all the more meaningful. The album closes with a song in memory of Rob called "Alvah," (Rob’s middle name), which features beautiful string arrangements by Chris Walden. In Christopher’s words, “It was a blessing to work with all these talented folks in the making of this album which holds so many bittersweet emotions for me. I didn't expect to make another one, but, as Rob reminded me once, it's what we do.” Enjoy!



Drums – Keith Carlock

Bass – Will Lee

Sax – Andy Suzuki

Keyboards – Eddy Hobizal

Vocals on “Down to The Wire” – Erin Ivey

Vocals on “Baby It’s All You” – Kim Parent,

Marcia Ramirez, and Britt Savage

Vocals on “Truth” – Gigi Worth





Take Me AS I Am - Chistopher Cross

Take Me AS I Am - Chistopher Cross